Everything Preemie .

 15 million babies are born early around the world and about 1 million die due to complications with early births. Everything Preemie was founded after unexpectedly delivering my 25 weeker rainbow baby; weighing only one pound and eight ounces. After spending nearly five months in the NICU with my daughter I began spreading awareness for prematurity as much as I could.  Whether that was sharing my story on different social media platforms; or explaining to anyone who would ask about my daughter. Doctor appointments, playgrounds, events all turned into educating people on prematurity. I recall not being able to dress my sweet girl in any onesie or clothing for that matter. It was hard, but after meeting plenty of parents going through the same situation, I was in I knew I wanted to do more to say, “we all matter”. Everyone NICU journey is different. What’s a better way to spread love, awareness and support? FASHION! Everything Preemie offers variety size baby onesies, t-shirts, sweaters and accessories made to show support and bring awareness to our preemie community. Come shop with us as we continue to spread awareness when you wear any of our proud preemie gear. We also match all purchases with a donation to a NICU baby. So, when you shop with us, you’re not only shopping for yourself, but also contributing a donation to another preemie in the NICU. 


At Everything Preemie it is OUR mission to provide a unique service to NICU parents, families and supporters. All while bringing awareness to prematurity and ensuring no NICU family feels alone nor left out of society expectations for childbirths.

Our Vision

At Everything Preemie our vision is to provide preemie parents and supporters with cool, comfort representation gear for prematurity awareness. Making moments special while offering easy online shopping and fast shipping.

At Everything Preemie wearing a onesie is our fashion statement!